Setting Up An Email Address In Mozilla Thunderbird

This guide will demonstrate how to enter your new Pop3 email address into Mozilla Thunderbird which is a powerful, free email program that can be downloaded by clicking this link. The email address in this demonstration is by my my hosting service. If your email address is by another provider you should refer to their documentation and adjust your settings accordingly.

1) First of all you must download Mozilla Thunderbird and install this program onto your computer. After installation, Thunderbird should open itself but if it doesn't, then go to the start menu and find the shortcut from there. When Thunderbird opens up for the first time, it will display a pop up box on top of the user interface pictured below, if not just click 'Create new account'.

2) On this pop up menu, enter the name that you wish to appear in the 'from' field when sending email to people. You may wish to use your own name or your business name for this. Then enter the actual email address you are setting up, followed by the password. Tick 'Remember password' and then 'Continue.'

3) Thunderbird will then perform its own tests to work out the settings required in order for your email address to function. Click 'Pop3' and then 'Manual config' to edit these settings.

4) The box will expand to incorporate the adjusting of your settings. Adjust these settings to replicate the settings above, replacing my domain with your own domain for example ''.

Click create account and your computer is now set up with Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive emails. When you load Thunderbird you will see a 'Welcome to Thunderbird' box which will guide you through working with your email in Thunderbird. I'll give you the basics to help you get started.


Tip: Thunderbird defaults to composing your emails with your reply at the bottom, you need to go to your 'Account settings' and then 'Compostion and Addressing'. There will be an option to change the settings as on the left..


Using Mozilla Thunderbird


1) Receiving Email: When you load Thunderbird up it will do it's own check to see if you have any new email and will download it to your inbox. It will check for new email on regular intervals (Default is every 10 minutes) whilst the program is open. If you wish to check yourself, click 'Get Mail'.

2) Sending Mail: To write a new email to someone, simply click 'Write' and a blank email will pop up on screen from which you can enter the recipients address and type your email then click 'Send' up the top.

3) Address Book: In order to keep track of your contacts, click 'Address Book' and if you already had email contacts on your computer in another email program. You can go to 'Tools' and then 'Import' which will give you options to import your email contacts from another email program into Thunderbird. If you don't have any previous contacts you can start afresh and enter them into the Thunderbird address book.

These are the basics on working with Mozilla Thunderbird and I would recommend looking through the help file for tips on doing more advanced things with this great email software. Contact me if you have any difficulties that you can't solve.


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