Working From Home Tips


Working From Home Tips In light of the Covid-19 situation, many of us who are able to have been working from home. A vast number of us have been literally thrust into the world of home based working without a choice, trying to work out how best to manage it and this may [...]

Weight Loss and Web Marketing


Weight Loss and Web Marketing An interesting title, bear with me and let me provoke your thoughts. Scour any magazine, forum or website looking for fitness or health advice and you'll soon be familiar with the myriad of results. Using a highly desired goal as an example: weight loss. The advice will include... [...]

Why you really need a website!


Why you really need a website! “Do you have a website?” said thousands of people today, and thousands of people tomorrow will be asking the very same question. It’s an important question and if you are serious about success then it’s even more important that you are able to answer them with a [...]

Are you Tweeting Mad?


Are you Tweeting mad? For business marketing, Twitter is fun. There’s no denying it but can you get carried away and actually be tweeting mad? Here is a tongue in cheek guide, written for humour on how to do Twitter wrong... Remove all personal interaction and have auto responders do all the work [...]

4 Common Crimes of Start Up Businesses


4 Common Crimes of Start Up Businesses If you were looking for some legal advice, i'm sorry to disappoint. Law isn't my speciality but design is! This article covers some all too common crimes that start up businesses can commit when building their brand. We all know our share of major brands, every [...]

6 Factors stopping your website from making money


6 Factors Stopping your Website from Making Money It is a known fact that the current financial climate is heavily bearing down on the high street businesses. The cost of operating a business increases through time and with online businesses maximising their operation cost savings, ecommerce businesses have grown rapidly and high street [...]

Is Your Monitor Lying To You?


Is Your Monitor Lying To You? It sounds like an odd headline but did you know that your screen may be lying to you every day? It may even be lying to you right now as you read this website so let me explain to you the issues and what causes them. The [...]

Guide to Resolution and DPI Issues


Guide to Resolution and DPI Issues It can be confusing at first to have a file rejected by your website designer or advertising publication for not having sufficient resolution and/or dpi. This guide is for those who are confused by these terms and will fully explain to you in detail what they mean, [...]

Dangers of Plagiarising Website Text


Dangers of Plagiarising Website Text I recently covered the topic of image copyright for website owners to help people understand how they should go about sourcing images for their website or blog and how to avoid the pitfalls of copyright claims. Another, often less considered area of copyright is website text also known [...]

Image Copyright, How To Avoid Risks


Image Copyright, How To Avoid Risks With the ever growing use of content management systems to allow people to manage and run their own websites, the risk of falling foul to a copyright claim is all too common if you fail to adhere to the basic guidelines on complying with copyright law. Unfortunately [...]

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