Guide To Setting Up An Email Address On The iPhone

This guide will demonstrate how to enter your new email address into your iPhone. The email address in this demonstration is by my own hosting service. If your email address is by another provider you should adjust your settings accordingly.

1) From your home screen, select the 'Settings' icon and scroll down to the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' option (pictured below) and select this option.

2) Select 'Add account' from the menu and then choose 'Other' from the list. If you are not using a Strato email address and your provider is shown on this list then you must choose the appropriate option. On the screen titled 'Other', please choose 'Add Mail Account' to continue.

3) You will be required to enter some information about your new account. Fill in your name, email address, password and under Description enter the name in which you would like to refer to your account in your iPhone. Useful if you have multiple email addresses on your phone. Tap 'Next'. On the next screen, tap the top option for 'POP'.

4) You must now set up your incoming and outgoing mail server. See the image below for the details that are required. Obviously substitute my example email address for your own but the host name will remain the same if you are with Strato. If not you must find out the name of your mail provider's incoming and outgoing server.

5) After tapping 'Done' your phone will then perform a verify function and then your email is set up! If you receive an error message, please double check you have not made any spelling errors and all your information, especially server information, is entered correctly.

6) If the email address that you are setting up is already on your iPhone but has recently been changed to Strato and needs to be set up again then here is what to do. Go to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and then tap the arrow next to your email account. Replace the incoming server details with the details shown in Step 4.

7) Tap the 'SMTP' button shown above and ensure that you have entered all the details shown above in the middle screen then tap back. On the initial screen tap 'Advanced' and this will take you to the right hand screen. Enter these details and obviously ensure that you enter your own email address and tap 'Done' and then 'Done' again and your email will now be reconfigured!


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