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These articles can help you understand more about your website including tips on how to improve your website, useful pointers and guidelines for managing your web presence as well as articles about branding. If you find my articles helpful please share them which will help others benefit too.
Weight Loss and Web Marketing
The similarities and paths to success are very similar in both cases, learn why and how to get results.
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Reasons you need a website
Reasons why you need a website to unlock the potential of the web and to be successful in 2013.
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Twitter mistakes
A humourous guide to show ways that Twitter can be managed slightly ineffectively.
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Start up business crimes
Common branding crimes made by start up businesses that can affect how customers perceive their business.
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Reasons for low sales
Why are sales low from an ecommerce website? There are several areas to look at to diagnose and fix the problem.
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Computer monitor innaccuracies
Find out why your monitor is lying to you and what you can do to check for and solve the issue.
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Resolution and DPI issues
What does it mean when a file has insufficient resolution or dpi for print and web usage? Find out in this article.
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Text copyright
Rules to consider when copying text from other websites to use on your own and to stay safe.
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Image copyright
When you manage your own website, you always need to be aware of the rules on using other people's images.
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Guide to picking a website address
Starting out on the web, you need an address. Useful tips to bear in mind when creating your web presence.
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Importance of your logo
A logo should be more than just a graphic, it is a statement about several important aspects of your brand.
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The importance of website text
Looking to boost the popularity of your website and in turn your position in search engines? Content!
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Paper Dimensions
A complete reference guide to common paper sizes used in graphic design and printing in inches and millimetres.
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