Photography Equipment Reviews

To help those who are thinking of purchasing new or used camera equipment, you will find a list of reviews of the kit that I have used over the years with my thoughts on each item. I am glad to help anyone who has questions or wishes to see example images from any of the equipment listed.
Sometimes you think you have seen technology hit its peak and then a product comes along that raises the bar to a whole new level.
By Paul Nimmo | August 3rd, 2011 | Read Article >
A nostalgic review of the Nikon D80, sometimes the older cameras can still find their place in your kit bag.
By Paul Nimmo | July 17th, 2011 | Read Article >
The nifty fifty proves that small packages can produce massive punches in terms of outright sharpness.
By Paul Nimmo | July 1st, 2011 | Read Article >
Wider than you thought possible with outstanding handling of converging lines. The beautiful 14-24mm lens.
By Paul Nimmo | June 19th, 2011 | Read Article >
It's the lens that adorns many photographers cameras more than any other lens, find out why.
By Paul Nimmo | June 14th, 2011 | Read Article >
The original version of the 70-200mm lens. Razor sharp throughout the full zoom range and built well.
By Paul Nimmo | May 5th, 2011 | Read Article >
Making your existing lenses long range whilst retaining sharpness and quality at the expense of 2 stops of light.
By Paul Nimmo | April 23rd, 2011 | Read Article >
Let there be light. The excellent and well priced flash gun by Nikon to start your Creative Lighting System.
By Paul Nimmo | April 10th, 2011 | Read Article >
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