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6 Factors stopping your website from making money


6 Factors Stopping your Website from Making Money It is a known fact that the current financial climate is heavily bearing down on the high street businesses. The cost of operating a business increases through time and with online businesses maximising their operation cost savings, ecommerce businesses have grown rapidly and high street [...]

Is Your Monitor Lying To You?


Is Your Monitor Lying To You? It sounds like an odd headline but did you know that your screen may be lying to you every day? It may even be lying to you right now as you read this website so let me explain to you the issues and what causes them. The [...]

Guide to Resolution and DPI Issues


Guide to Resolution and DPI Issues It can be confusing at first to have a file rejected by your website designer or advertising publication for not having sufficient resolution and/or dpi. This guide is for those who are confused by these terms and will fully explain to you in detail what they mean, [...]

Dangers of Plagiarising Website Text


Dangers of Plagiarising Website Text I recently covered the topic of image copyright for website owners to help people understand how they should go about sourcing images for their website or blog and how to avoid the pitfalls of copyright claims. Another, often less considered area of copyright is website text also known [...]

Image Copyright, How To Avoid Risks


Image Copyright, How To Avoid Risks With the ever growing use of content management systems to allow people to manage and run their own websites, the risk of falling foul to a copyright claim is all too common if you fail to adhere to the basic guidelines on complying with copyright law. Unfortunately [...]

Choosing Your First Website Address


Choosing Your First Website Address The domain name is right at the core of your presence on the internet and should be the first priority in establishing yourself online. The internet is a busy and highly populated highway and making a mistake and choosing a poor website address can weaken your power online [...]

The Importance Of Great Logo Design


The Importance Of Great Logo Design One of the vital steps in building a successful brand for your business is the company logo as this often forms the first impression of your company. After spending quality time researching and choosing a business name, the logo will be the piece that carves out a [...]

Content is the Key!


Content is the key! If websites had official rules for success, the first would be: On the internet your content is the key to your every wish! There is simply nothing else that will improve your search engine rankings more than having unique, high quality content on your website. Search engines are designed [...]

Paper Sizes and Dimensions


Paper Sizes and Dimensions Are you unsure of the exact sizing of your print material? Below is a handy reference table that I have provided of the exact sizes in both millimetres and inches. Size Height x Width (mm) Height x Width (in) Common Uses A0 841 x 1189 mm 33.1 x [...]

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